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Foto Cewek Seksi

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Foto Cewek Cantik Seksi
Foto Cewek Seksi

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Foto Cewek Seksi
Foto Wanita Seksi

Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

Japan Hot Girl - Masami Nagasawa

Hot Japan and sexy Beautiful girl from Japan and Asian Beauty girl. Cewek Jepang, Gadis Jepang.

Japan Girl
Cewek Jepang Sexy

Masami Nagasawa is a Japanese actress under Toho Entertainment. She has performed in many famous movies and television dramas including Crying out Love, In the Center of the World, Dragon Zakura and Proposal Daisakusen. She graduated from Horikoshi High School in 2006. She is also known as “Ma-chan” or as Yamashita Tomohisa calls her “Maa-tan”. On her radio show, she introduces herself as “Gasawa,” a nickname chosen by fans. In 2000, she auditioned in the 5th (Year 2000) Toho “Cinderella” Contest at the age of 12, and emerged as the youngest winner ever out of a total contestant pool of 35,153 individuals. This marked the beginning of her career in the entertainment industry. In 2004, Masami starred as the heroine of the story, a teenage girl who died of leukemia, in the big hit movie, Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World. The movie was a box office hit in Japan, earning 8.5 billion Yen in total. Her outstanding performance in this movie gave her recognition as an actress and earned her numerous awards including the Best Supporting Actress Prize (the youngest ever) in the 28th Japanese Academy Awards. She would then be nominated for Best Actress at the “30th Japanese Academy Awards” for her performance in “Nada Sousou”. Since then, she has also starred in other movies and has also been actively involved in dramas and other TV shows. On October 20, 2009, Nagasawa will start in a movie titled, “Magare! Spoon” (English title: “Go Find a Psychic!”). It will premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival. In the film, she plays a clumsy assistant director of a TV show about the paranormal, unaware that the cafe she is stranded at on Christmas Eve is the location for an annual gathering of men with psychic powers. To celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2010, Fuji TV announced a major television drama special entitled “Wagaya no Rekishi.” The story takes place between 1945 and 1964, chronicling the lives of the seven members of the fictional Yame family. Nagasawa is among the cast members. The drama will air on three consecutive nights during spring 2010.

Selasa, 29 September 2009

Korea Beautiful Actress - Jang Seo Hee Photo


Name: 장서희 / Jang Seo Hee (Jang Suh Hee)
Chinese name: 张瑞姬 / Zhang Rui Ji
Date of birth: 1972-Jan-05
Place of birth:
Height: 163cm
Weight: 47kg
Horoscope: Capricorn
Profession: Actress

Jang Seo Hee
Jang Seo Hee Beautiful Photo

Jang Seo-hee
, aka Chang Seo-hee, is a South Korean actress. She has starred in numerous television dramas and films, including SBS drama Temptation of a Wife. Her bright brown eyes shine bright with her passion for acting, bewitching audiences from Korea to China. An actress whose performance makes people laugh and cry - For Star Focus in 2006, the vivacious Jang Seo-hee was our first guest!! Across Asia, Jang’s popularity has steadily grown, opening new doors of chance for her. She was invited to star in the Chinese TV drama, and the actress went to the mainland to participate in the international press conference. The media gathered in close, trying not to miss a thing! The coverage had been “hot” since news of the drama was released. “Miss Mermaid”, the Korean TV drama that made Asia’s audience fall in love with Jang Seo-hee. It’s a production that could never be overlooked in her career. She had worked tirelessly in the drama and her hard work was not in vain. It brought her recognition as one of Korea’s most talented actresses.

Jang Seo Hee Gallery Photo

After “Miss Mermaid”, the offers continued to pour in. Jang challenged herself on television to the silver screen. She didn’t have a moment to catch her breath. In the film, “Ghost House”, she joined Cha Seung-won and played an unusual role, once again enticing her audience. In a 2007 Chinese survey of the most influential Korean actors, Jang was the higest ranking actress and was placed seventh overall. Jang is very popular in Taiwan, China and Mongolia. Her popularity has soared recently for her role in the SBS series “Cruel Temptation”, which has been exported to 10 countries. The actress has been busy promoting the series abroad. She pledged to publicize the Gwangju Biennale in Korea and overseas, saying that it is more popular abroad for its artistic and traditional aspects and that she wants to contribute to improving its status through her overseas activities. Meanwhile, appointment certificates have been also given to interpreters, management agents and volunteers. The 2009 Gwangju Design Biennale will kick off September 18 and will run through November 4. Apart from Jang, other PR ambassadors of the event include comedian Kim Yong-man and Japanese beauty expert Ikoshi.
Jang Seo Hee Sexy Photo

Kamis, 24 September 2009

Malaysia Beautiful Singer - Siti Norhaliza Photo

Siti Nurhaliza Sexy Photo

siti nurhaliza sexy
Siti Nurhaliza Seksi

Siti Norhaliza
is a multiple-award winning Malaysian pop singer-songwriter. To date, she has garnered more than 200 local awards as well as international awards. She is also dubbed as The Voice Of Asia, when Alicia Keys first introduced her with the title during MTV Asia Awards 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand due to her vocal prowess and greatest achievements locally and internationally. At 16, she competed in the 1995 RTM Juara Bintang competition. While there, she met Adnan Abu Hassan, a famous Malaysian music composer. He tutored her and helped her with her vocal performance, and ultimately she won the contest. She was granted a contract with Suria Records and in 1996 released her first self-titled album, Siti Nurhaliza. Despite this, her first album was a great success, and paved the way for successful subsequent albums. After the release of her first album, Siti became a well-known figure in Malay pop culture. She continued to have numerous hits, her songs spanning a broad range of genres, such as pop, R&B, and traditional Malay. Her voice and lyrics proved to be popular among teenagers as well as adults throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. She also has numbers of fans in Japan, Taiwan and China. To date, Channel V has listed her as the Second Biggest Asian Artist due to her great achievements whereas the Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou is on the top of the list. Coincidentally, MTV Asia also rated her as the Second Asia’s Best Musical Artist, also behind the Taiwanese sensation, Jay Chou. Siti is known to be a formidable and successful and well-known businesswoman in Malaysia. She currently tops the list of the ‘Richest Artistes’ in Malaysia. She is also worth more than RM65 million and was named one of the millionaires in entertainment in South East Asia. In Year 2009, Siti Nurhaliza launched her eighth concert tour to promote her Lentera Timur album. Siti will be having her own channel on Astro at Channel 188, Channel Siti on 30th August 2009 which will broadcast her previous tour concerts.


Full Name: Siti Nurhaliza binti Taruddin
Date of birth: January 11th, 1979
Place of birth: Kampung Awah, Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia
Height: 163 cm
Weight: Between 45 - 50kg
Also Known As: CT, Nurhaliza, Siti
Hobbies: Watching VCDs, singing, reading, cooking
Favourite Colours: Green, pastel colours
Favourite Dishes: Malaysian, Thai and Mom’s dishes
Favourite Drinks: Hot drinks
Favourite Music: Pop, Alternative, R&B, Ethnic
Favourite Artistes: P.Ramlee, Ziana Zain, Sudirman, Celine Dion
Favourite Music: All types of music

siti nurhaliza hot

Japan Hot Actress - Ueno Juri Photo Hot

Juri Ueno Hot Picture

Juri Ueno is an award-winning Japanese actress. She was one of six actors to receive the “Newcomer of the Year” prize at the Japanese Academy Awards in 2005 for her role in Swing Girls. Ueno made her television debut in 2002 at the age of 16 in NHK series, Seizon, before making her first film major appearance in 2003 in Chirosoku no Natsu which won her the Sponichi Grand Prize New Talent Award at the Mainichi Film Awards along with her performance in the 2004 film, Swing Girls. Swing Girls proved to be a breakthrough when she received critical acclaim and awards for Best Newcomer at the Yokohama Film Festival (she was also honored for her performance in Joze to Tora to Sakana Tachi) and the Japanese Academy Awards. Ueno’s popularity rose further when she was cast as Megumi Noda (”Nodame”) in the 2006 live-action television adaptation of the popular manga, Nodame Cantabile. Ueno’s portrayal as the eccentric and disorganized but yet extremely affable and talented pianist won her “Best Lead Actress” at the 51st Television Drama Academy Awards while the show won “Best Drama”. The show was also recognized overseas at the 2nd Seoul Drama Festival where it was awarded “Best Miniseries”. Ueno and Tamaki reprised their roles in 2007 in the two-part special, Nodame Cantabile Shinshun Special in Europe, which chronicles their individual struggles to achieve success on Europe’s storied classical music stage whilst being away from each other. In 2008, Ueno reunited with Nodame co-stars, Eita and Asami Mizukawa, in Fuji TV’s drama, Last Friends, as Ruka Kishimoto, a talented motocross racer with a hidden secret she cannot discuss with friends or family. Ueno won “Best Supporting Actress” at the 12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix and The 57th Television Drama Academy Awards for her role. She was recognised as “Best Student Voice Actress” at the 2008 MTV Student Voice Awards for her role in Wanko. The Japanese version of Vogue named her as one of the “Women of the Year 2008″. On December 9, 2008, it was announced that Ueno will again reprise her role as “Nodame” in a new Nodame Cantabile two-movie sequel slated for release in 2010. Filming is set to start in May 2009.


Name: 上野樹里 (うえの じゅり)
Name (romaji): Ueno Juri
Nickname: Jurippe
Date of birth: 1986-May-25
Place of birth: Kakogawa, Hyogo, Japan
Height: 167cm
Horoscope: Gemini
Blood type: A

Ueno Juri Photo